"Life is beautiful"

Discover our new F/W collection. And let your children discover the beauty in everything.

Now that the days are getting shorter again, now that the bright orange leaves are starting to fall down on the ground, it’s time to keep our children warm with soft and embracing exclusive garments, designed to let them enjoy the outdoor irreplaceable fall-winter adventures, because the beauty of life is just waiting for them to catch it!

The new Depetit collection is able to liven up even the coldest and snowy days, thanks to a lovable choice of versatile and dynamic mini-garments, enlightened by warm mustard and bordeaux colour tones.

The most beautiful story you can create

Made in Italy

Depetit loves to dress the most lively children from 0 to 9 years with charming, high-quality, comfortable, and durable clothes.

We want them to have fun, we want them to be free, we want them to appreciate the beauty of the little things …so let the kids be kids, teaching them at the same time how to care about their clothes.

Because the sooner they understand the value of authenticity and refined quality, the sooner they recognize the magic of wearing something truly precious, with a story to tell. A true story of dedication, excellence and emotion.

100% Made in Italy. 

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Visit our SHOWROOM

A space designed to give value to beauty in its simplicity.

A place where you can reconnect with the enchanted world of childhood, discover our new collections and create with us customized garments for your kid.

How a Depetit garment is born?

1. Creativity

We start from concept inspirations and sketches which become ‘one-piece’ garments designed for the youngest of the house.

Research of materials follows the creative phase, through the selection of high-end fabrics, in order to offer you the best of Made in Italy’s heritage.

2. Identity

Every Depetit piece has a unique identity. That’s why every model is named after a particular city or person’s name, with its unmistakable story to tell.

Every garment is a one-piece item, carefully designed and skillfully produced in our in-house atelier.

3. Distribution

Then we bring our samples collection around Italy and abroad to be understood and chosen by the best stores and boutiques, to establish with buyers a real relationship of trust and empathy.

4. Quality

Depetit controls every single piece, rigorously hand made. The quality control is carried out at every stage of the production process, from fabric selection and crafting, up to finishing, labelling and wrapping.

5. Passion

In every Depetit garment there is a part of us, of our country and our commitment.
Anytime you purchase a Depetit, you buy not only a garment but also a meaningful story: a story of passion, dedication and endless pursuit of quality for your kids.